Manufactured Solutions Group is a manufacturer/supplier of a multitude of different services/products, such as Stampings, Extrusions, Moldings, Thermoforming, Connectors, and more.

MSG primarily focuses on molding highly engineered plastic parts and their engineers can bring a customer’s concept to a design. They operate State-of-the-Art, ISO-certified facilities that produce components from a variety of molding processes, such as Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Rotational Molding, Custom Plastic Extrusions and Precision Thermoforming.

MSG also offers Contract Manufacturing services. They can take a product from concept to ship, or offer a competitive quotation on an existing product outsourced elsewhere. MSG offers complete supply chain services, and can drop ship directly to a customers’ location.



The Schroff brand contains a broad product portfolio from printed circuit board (PCB) accessories, such as card retainers and extractors, front panels and handles to subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems. The brand Schroff has been a world leader in electronics packaging for over five decades. THE INFRASTRUCTURE YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT Schroff has been synonymous with innovation since it was founded in Germany in 1962, starting with the development of a euro board subrack system that helped make the 19” standard universal. Recognized worldwide, Schroff products meet national and international standards for electronics packaging and are in accordance with IEC 60297-3-x and IEEE 1101.x. ENCLOSE. PROTECT. COOL. From electronic cabinets, racks and subracks, to shock and vibration-resistant ruggedized solutions, you can count on Schroff products to safeguard your critical communications and electronics systems. We can also collaborate with you to customize our architecture to your specific project; for example, Schroff front panels with custom cutouts and colors are available in as little as 5 days through our Front Panel Express, part of the Schroff ServicePLUS program. WE PROTECT YOUR ELECTRONICS: IN 19“ AND BEYOND As one of the leading innovators in 19“, nVent is expanding its product range to other small form factor solutions beyond the classic 19” technology. Schroff branded Interscale product family reduces integration time with its innovative case design and accessories, and can be tailored to meet individual requirements. It’s our way of offering flexibility for small and non-standard PCBs, and to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. Schroff branded cabinets are all designed to suit every application and market requirement. We offer the best protection for rack-mounted electronics.


nVent/HOFFMAN products are developed in world-class test facilities, based on 70+ years of enclosures experience and 30+ years of cooling experience. They’re rigorously tested for dust infiltration, thermal cycling, salt fog corrosion, vibration resistance and many other standards to ensure they perform.

We’re not successful unless our customers are successful. That’s why we collaborate with system engineers to tailor HOFFMAN solutions to their specific designs. We offer 12,000+ standard products or we can customize a product with the HOFFMAN Modification Tool to fit your requirements and timing.

HOFFMAN offers a variety of automation and electronics cooling solutions to keep your business running smoothly. Every unit is functionally tested and is easy to install and maintain. And every unit comes with worldwide aftermarket service for ultimate peace of mind. HOFFMAN Works Hard to Save You Time & Money. Damaging heat can cost thousands in factory downtime and shortened component life. That’s why we work hard to make it easy for you to protect vital industrial controls and electronics from overheating. We offer more than 1,000 standard cooling products as well as custom cooling services for specific paint colors and applications. Every product is rigorously tested in development and functionally tested before shipping.. From specification to installation to maintenance, we’re committed to making your job easier.

From indoor manufacturing and outdoor climates to corrosive/wash-down applications and explosive environments, HOFFMAN enclosures and cooling products are certified and designed to comply in many countries. They’re made in ISO 9001 facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Poland, China and India. And they’re supported by our locations around the world.

Electrical systems come in all shapes and sizes, from massive industrial controls to single components. nVent offers a comprehensive range of enclosures that house these vital assets.

Marketed under the nVent HOFFMAN and nVent SCHROFF brands, nVent enclosures offer two-pronged protection: safeguarding electrical equipment from the operating environment and people from electrical hazards.

The expansive product portfolio ranges from modular marshalling cabinets to small junction boxes. Each defies dust, corrosive substances, temperature extremes, and the harmful effects of vibration and shock.

The nVent HOFFMAN brand includes steel, stainless steel and non-metallic enclosures; modular enclosure solutions; and industrial cooling systems.

The nVent SCHROFF brand includes server cabinets, data center cooling solutions, power supplies, subracks and cases.